Ah, summer! Hot sun, soft sand, drippy ice lollies and days spent at your favourite tidal pool. The perfect environment. But did you know these man-made pools along Cape Town's coast are also the perfect environments for a myriad of strange and wondrous plants and animals that have taken up residence here, safe from the rough seas of the open ocean? Octopus, sea slugs, anemones, sea hares, cuttlefish, iridescent seaweed. All thrive in these pools - and even more so now.


Since May 2017, the tidal pools in False Bay - with the co-operation of the city - are being maintained and cleaned in a new way.    


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The Cape Town Tidal Pools website is run by a passionate group of volunteers who love the tidal pools, a place to be enjoyed by humans and the local sea life..


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