The current cleaning method

July 2018 and onwards

On the 28th of June 2018 we took ownership of the new high-pressure hose system and did our first clean at Dalebrook Pool.  This was highly successful and the City of Cape Town, as well as the contractor, were all present to receive training and comment on the new procedure. 


Since then the pump has been used to clean the pools in the Kalk Bay & surrounding areas (St James, Dalebrook, Kalk Bay, Wooleys pools).  The cleans have gone very well and the results, so far, are exactly what we had hoped for.  As with the previous cleaning protocol the pools will be closed to the public when cleaning is taking place.  Additionally, there will now no longer be any chemical residue left in the pools as this is a chemical-free cleaning method.

1 IMG_2406 (image Lisa Beasley).JPG



The cleaning of the pools ideally takes place on the very low tide and out of any school holidays and peak usage times, there will be times when the cleaning is not ideal timing wise and as such the patience of the public is requested. 


The tops of the walls are sprayed with the high pressure hose removing all algael growth and some of the layers of old limewash that have built up over the years.  The tops of the walls and rocks are much less slippery and the time between cleans has been reduced to prevent new algael growth to build up.  The City of Cape Town has written up the new cleaning protocols and these have been included in the new contract for the service provider doing the cleaning.  


These protocols include:​

The pools (St James, Dalebrook, Kalk Bay Tidal Pools 1 & 2, Wooleys Pool) will be cleaned every month to correspond with the spring low.  And ideally, weather permitting, more in summer.

No more draining of the pools

Algae on the tops of the walls and the stairs is removed using the new high pressure system and only salt water (no chemicals)

The tops of the walls at Dalebrook, Kalk Bay Tidal Pools 1 & 2, Wooleys Pool will whitewashed using a chalk paint.  This will only be on the tops of the walls and top steps as dictated by the natural level of the low tide








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Path cleaning.JPG

Note the difference on the walkway 

On the left is the uncleaned surface and on the right is the cleaned surface

The pump is highly effective at spraying down the surfaces and ridding them of Algal build up