Dalebrook Tidal Pool

A hugely popular, compact pool ideal for swimming a few early-morning laps or for those just wanting a safe place to take a dip. Located in Kalk Bay, with benches and a beach for picnics, and rock pools to explore. Popular with families that have been visiting this spot for generations.


Full ablution facilities available and it's open from 8am to 5pm.


Personal Stories

From Andrew van Zyl

It was an absolute privilege to be invited to the biannual Frenchie tidal pool swim. We started at Sunrise at the St James tidal pool. With the sun just rising above the Hottentots Holland mountains we jumped in.  We had a warm welcome by one of the local cormorants as he fished for his breakfast. The water was icy cold but oh so refreshing. The camaraderie of us all being in the cold water broke down the barriers and soon everyone was chatting away like old friends. Moving on to Dalebrook and Kalk bay the energy levels were high as we enjoyed more of the beautiful life and scenery around the pools. We called into the Olympia Café for a warm breakfast of coffee and croissants, just what was needed to refuel the tank! The rest of the day was a pleasure, relaxing by Wooleys, Glencairn tidal pools in the warm sun. We finished off the day with a yummy picnic at the Miller’s point tidal pool.

About Us

The Cape Town Tidal Pools website is run by a passionate group of volunteers who love the tidal pools, a place to be enjoyed by humans and the local sea life..


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