Maiden's cove small pool
Maiden's Cove - large pool
Maiden's Cove - large pool
Maiden's cove small pool
Maidens Cove

Maidens Cove Tidal Pool

Maidens Cove has two tidal pools hidden between enormous granite boulders overlooked by a picnic site and Lions Head. This recreational space has a special history as it was one the few beaches where non-white residents of Cape Town could come and enjoy a day at the sea in a whites-only area before 1994.


Full ablution facilities and picnic areas open from 8am to 5pm

Personal Stories

If you have any personal stories and/or photographs about your time at this pool please get in touch with us via the contact page.

About Us

The Cape Town Tidal Pools website is run by a passionate group of volunteers who love the tidal pools, a place to be enjoyed by humans and the local sea life..


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Maiden's cove small pool

Photo by Maya Pfaff