Now and into the future

The most exciting part of this whole change over in how we clean and manage the pools is that now we can teach kids to snorkel and swim in the pools as there are all sorts of interesting things to see.  The excitement is incredibly inspiring when a child puts a mask on and suddenly has a window into a completely different world.

There are a number of NPO's and schools using the tidal pools for snorkelling, swimming lessons, daytrips and marine education programs. 


The tidal pools and rock pools offer a safe and calm environment for children and adults alike to enjoy the ocean and its marine life.

The Beach co-op and Waves for change

Waves for change provides a child-friendly mental health service to vulnerable and differently abled young people living in unstable communities. Through connections to safe spaces, caring mentors, and a 12-month weekly Surf Therapy curriculum, W4C gives that includes snorkelling children skills to cope with stress, regulate behaviour, build healing relationships, and make positive life choices.

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The Beach co-op:  “Meet the locals. These are some of the many animals we share this pool with” is the message found on a wall alongside the popular St James tidal pool within a captivating mural depicting some of the unique creatures – from octopi to sea slugs – found in the pool. The mural and message aim to generate an appreciation of ocean life within visitors to the pool.  In conjunction with Waves for Change, the Beach co-op is now facilitating a weekly snorkelling program which is included in the surf program.  

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Save our Seas

The Shark Education Centre is open throughout the year for school and group visits. Schools are welcome to contact us to enquire about available dates. We can accommodate up to 40 learners at a time.

We are able to assist on a limited basis with catering and transport for disadvantaged schools.
Programmes can be tailor-made for the school’s requirements and can be adapted to fit the curriculum or grade needs. Learning activities take place both in the classroom and in the field.

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I am water foundation

The I AM WATER mission is to help people fall in love with the ocean.  Much of today's ocean degradation is fundamentally due to human disconnect. Many people feel very little, or no connection to the ocean, behaving in ways that negatively affect the well being of this precious resource.  We feel especially passionate about working with underserved / low income coastal communities where, despite living walking distance to the shoreline young people have never seen the world just beneath the waves.

I am water foundation regularly make use of Dalebrook and St James tidal pools for their snorkelling programs

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