• Cape Town Tidal Pools


We reached our goal and bought a VERY AMAZING HIGH PRESSURE PUMP for cleaning

After a successful fund raising campaign we met and exceeded our targets, allowing us to purchase the high pressure hose and pump system needed to clean the tidal pools. For the full history behind this cause please read this page for more insight. We are continuously amazed at the generous support we received from the community and all sorts of interested parties.

Please read the full update concerning the cleaning methods on the Cleaning Protocol page

Thank you so much to all that helped with this project. Whether it was offering your time, love, energy, donations, advice, and expertise, we really value all of it and made this project such a pleasure to work on.

Special thanks to:

The City of Cape Town, Helen Jordan and Harold Ross

The contractor for endless discussions and tirelessly helping us test new methods.

The Two Oceans Aquarium for all the advice and for offering up the idea of the high-pressure system in the first place and for your sizeable donation towards it.

Thanks to the main crew of ocean lovers who helped in too many ways to count: Keri Muller, Lisa Beasley, Helen Walne, Clare Louise Thomas, Daniela Danes, Heidi Hawkins, Aaniyah Omardien, Ceini Smit, Maya Pfaff, Faine Loubster, Sharon Martin.

And last, but not least, thank you to Ian Dickie & Brad Gie for your patience, awesome skills, advice, many pump tests and the very kind discount on the new high-pressure system

Thank you to all the donors who helped up raise the funds for the new system:

Fiona (who deserves special mention for your sizable donation – we wish we knew who you are as we would love to take you for a tidal pool snorkelling tour), Two Oceans Aquarium, Matt Zylstra @ Wildlands Studies, Tammy Nicol @ Bellovista Productions, Georgina Jones, Katharina, Ian Thomas, Clare and The Tidal Pool Challenge Crew, Taryn James, Chris Krauss, Andrea Weiss, Lauren van Noort, Heidi, Cassi Goodman, Steve, Tash, Mich, Lindsay de Kock, Steve Venter, Paul Cowan, Thandi, Karen Loubser, Nicky, Sea-Change, Andrea Weiss, Margaret, fishyfairy, Joseph Weeks, Purple House, Shaun, Renier, Ruth Leeney, Cher Poznanovich, Louise Clamp, Milly, Wendy Engel, Kathryn, Shop Zero, Amiene, Clyde, The Goodman Clan, Sebastian Annies

And to all the others who donated Anonymously. Thank you.

Below is an image of a delicate little fan worm colony growing on the wall at St James Tidal pool. Since we stopped draining the pools and dumping chemicals on the walls, these magical little creatures have started to thrive. A bloom is about the size of a 50c coin. Photo Credit: Keri Muller

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