Species List​

Lisa Beasley, a St James resident, has been swimming at the St James pool daily since March 2017, and has discovered the rich diversity that exists on our doorstep in False Bay. It is an incredible opportunity for all of us to be able to experience these animals in their natural habitat without having to venture into the open sea.  These tidal pools provide us with a rare opportunity to reconnect with nature and educate children and adults about the ocean in a safe space.


These pools provide an important habitat for False Bay’s marine life. A positive growth in biodiversity between the scheduled cleans has been observed.  When the pools are cleaned using the old method (pre May 2017: scraping the sides and tops and whitewashing the walls), most of the animals and their eggs disappear, in other words they are destroyed.


Since May 2017 with the change in cleaning methods in the pools, the marine life has thrived and people can still swim and enjoy the space.

These pools are incredible wild spaces located within the urban edge that can be used by humans and animals alike.  With a little compromise we can all thrive in them together.

Please email us if you would like a copy of the species list to print off for your own reference.  This list has been lovingly put together by Lisa. 

If you do reproduce the list, please give credit where credit is due and reference Cape Town Tidal Pools.

Cape Town Tidal Pools - Species List pag
Cape Town tidal pools - Species List pag
Cape Town tidal pools - Species List pag
Cape Town tidal pools - Species List pag