St James Tidal Pool

St James tidal pool is home to an amazing array of marine life and a loyal following of swimmers year round. Flanked by a sandy beach, which provides easy access to the water for all ages, it is also surrounded by natural rock pools for exploring. The pool's brightly coloured bathing huts make for a picturesque scene, and the beach is protected from the wind.


Full ablution facilities are available and it's open from 8am to 5pm.

Personal Stories



I would love to share my experience about the St.James Tidal pool,and what it means to myself and the youth of my community!

I live on the Cape Flats, a place over run by gangsterism and drugs. A place where it is easy to get swallowed up whole.  Unless you have guidance and knowledge. I always lookeded for a place of beauty and peace, and one day I found just this at the St. James tidal pool.  A place of beauty,colour,vibrance and most importantly, a place of Life, inside,outside and around the Pool.


I started to learn how to snorkel in the St.James tidal pool, it was then that I came to find the life which resides within this beautiful pool. And at that moment I wanted to share my new passion and love, not only for the pool but what was to be found inside it and around it,in the little rock pools!  I wanted to learn more about this life in order to spread awareness and educate our youth so that they too may grow up with a love for our marine life and tidal pools.


With the help of a very dear friend Lisa, I started bringing the kids from my neighbourhood to the beautiful St.James tidal pool,where I teach them to snorkel and Lisa teaches them about Tidal Pool Ecology! We found marine life like Cuttle fish, Goubie fish, Klipvis, sea urchins, nudibranchs, different starfish and limpids, to name a few. It sparked such an amazing reaction and intrigue in these kids, they wanted to know how this marine came to be in our Tidal Pool and what they could do to protect it!


I ran my program with these amazing young scholars then we had lunch by the colourful bungalows and headed back into the Tidal pool to see who could count the most creatures.  Once we finished we had a beach clean up.

The St. James Tidal Pool to me is much more than a place to splash around in. To me it's about Life and Education! A place where myself and many others teach and educate the youth, South Africa's Leaders of tomorrow. A glimpse and a start to better Ocean Conservation. Everyone knows the ocean and its life needs all the help. So St. James Tidal Pool is like the Foundation towards just that. No words could truly explain the magic and wonder of St.James Tidal Pool. You really have to spend time within its water to fully understand.


I hope this humble few words can do justice to this beautiful place of relaxation, and most importantly education.


Thank you.


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The Cape Town Tidal Pools website is run by a passionate group of volunteers who love the tidal pools, a place to be enjoyed by humans and the local sea life..


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