Wooley's Tidal Pool

A little pool tucked away in the rugged rocky coastline between Kalk Bay and Fishoek, this is an ideal spot for a quick dip, but you won't be able to swim any lengths here!  Surrounded by flat rock banks, it's perfect for picnicking and sunbathing, but because of its isolated setting, be aware of opportunistic characters. There is also a smaller children's paddling pool.


No ablution facilities.

Personal Stories

A poem by Lauren Van Noort


Dear Wooleys,


Our history is short –
about fourteen months or so;
but perhaps one day I will reflect,
saying: “I met you so long ago!”


An introduction by a friend
(now a 
my first swim and I was entranced
by this hidden coastal sea.


A hop, a skip and a jump
(a short walk with a view),
I end up running to you regardless -
and always leaving, feeling anew.


Some early morning swims,
a midday float or two,
a sneaky midnight skinny dip
(with a silly fish, it’s true!)


Dipping beneath the surface,
I once convinced myself I could see…
My eyes wide open and wondering,
what treasures lie beneath me?


“What lives in this pool?
There must be some life.”
(Perhaps in our explorations,
he considered me a wife?)


A pipefish and two octopi
are residents it seems.
We often find them hiding,
watching through the sunlight as it gleams.


Your walls also hold surprises,
both inside and out.
With the tide washing in and circling,
there is feeding happening, no doubt.


Barnacles and mussels,
and an anemone family.
A few starfish having tussles –
look closely, and you will see.


To float, to swim, or to snorkel?
Whichever one we choose –
a complete and utter immersion,
a calmness washing away any blues.


To continued exploration,
watching creatures on their way.
We swim and share our fascination,
as you teach us every day.


A wild, living ocean,
a calm and inviting sea.
Clear or turbid waters,
you always welcome me.

(P.S – Who are you named after?)

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